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Have you ever been on vacation, and stayed in a cozy cabin or cottage, “You know, this is really all you need to live in!”?

The prototype 24′ x 32′ Newcomb timber frame house can serve as a cottage or a year-round home for a couple or single person. It makes a great retirement home – all one one level, a heated floor, and quick to clean. It also makes a nice starter home, vacation cottage or timeshare unit.

With 928 sq. ft. of living space if built on a slab, it makes a very livable small house. Plans are included for regular and walk-out basements.

This timber frame design is a hybrid: the timber roof sits on a regular 2″x6″ exterior wall rather than on posts and top plates like a full timber frame. Hybrids give all the beauty of timber frame construction with less timber, and therefore less cost.


  • It’s bigger on the inside than it looks like from the outside – we hear this comment a lot!
  • With in-floor hot water heat, the house is small enough to heat easily with a 60-gallon hot water heater, which can be powered by gas, electricity, oil or solar power (or a combination). There’s no need for a boiler or furnace!
  • The in-floor heating needs only one zone. Individual areas, like bedrooms, can have a different temperature by adjusting the valves on the three hot water loops.
  • There are lots of windows – especially the wrap-around windows in the kitchen/dining area.
  • You’ll see beautiful vaulted ceilings everywhere except the bathroom and office which are under the loft.
  • The 14th-century-style timber roof is not merely decorative. That’s the roof. Timber posts, beams, and curved knee braces lend an timeless ambience, and also define “rooms” within the open concept.
  • Pull-down stairs in front of the bathroom provide access to a 194 sq. ft. loft/storage area. There’s room there for an extra bed, and plenty of space for visiting kids to “camp out”.

If you’re interested in shop prints for our larger version (26′ x 35′; link goes to houseplans) please contact us.

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Newcomb under construction

A Newcomb cottage under construction, showing timber frame on the inside and 2×6″ walls on the outside, making it a hybrid timber frame.

The timber shop prints for the Newcomb consist of 22 pages of timber drawings and details plus helpful hints on layout and cutting and a list of timbers required to build the frame.

Features of The Newcomb timber frame shop drawings

1. Complete timber frame drawings

The shop prints include a fully labeled and dimensioned timber roof plan and truss drawings. Labeling on these drawings locates the joints detailed on the joinery and peg detail pages.

Roof plan

2. Joinery & Peg Details

There are detailed drawings of all joinery in the frame, as well as peg placements.


Detailed drawings including peg placements

3. Photos of Newcomb Timber Frame Joints

Supplementary photos are included in the shop print package. These photos show some of the more complicated joints in Newcomb frames previously built by Arlington Frame Company and round out the joinery section.

Photos of more complicated joinery

Photos of more complicated joinery

4. Construction Section and Foundation

Drawings for slab foundation

Drawings for slab foundation

Drawings are supplied for a slab foundation, which will work for three optional enclosure systems.

Note that the house can also be built with a basement.

5. General notes

Notes pertaining to the slab foundation, plumbing, electrical and exterior walls are included. There are also helpful notes about cutting the individual joints throughout the plans.

6.  Timber List

Quantity, dimensions and lengths of timbers required for building the frame are listed.

Buying both Shop Prints and House Plans

The Newcomb is also available as architectural prints (house plans). Save 25% when you buy both. If interested, contact us directly, as our new Newcomb house design is larger than these shop prints.

The combined plans DO NOT need to be purchased at the same time to take advantage of the 25% discount. If you have already purchased one set and wish to buy the other, please call us so that we can apply the discount.

The information below pertains to Shop Prints only, not Combined Plans:

Your Package Contains:

  • Page 1 – Color Elevations
  • Page 2 – Timber Roof Plan with detail labels
  • Page 3 – Brace Details
  • Page 4 – Truss Drawings
  • Page 5–7 – Joinery Details
  • Page 8 – Jack Rafters A & B
  • Page 9 – Jack Rafters C – E
  • Page 10–16 – Joinery Details
  • Page 17 – Jack Locations on Hip Rafter
  • Page 18–20 – Photos of Newcomb timber frame and joinery
  • Page 21 – Foundation Slab Plan
  • Page 22 – Typical Section with General Notes
  • Hints for laying out and cutting the frame, and list of timbers required

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Paper plans (11"x17"), Digital files A3 (11"x17"), Digital files D (24"x36")