The Ultimate Workshop – Shop Prints


Plans for a 16’x22’ building that can be used for a workshop, a small retail outlet for antiques, crafts or folk art, or an information center.

Full 2nd floor or loft options.

Timber Frame Shop Prints include 21 pages with joinery details, nailer plan, timber list, optional chain hoist provision, etc. See details below.

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This is a 16’x22’ building that can be used for a variety of purposes. As a workshop, its heavy timbers permit the use of hoists and other machinery requiring structural strength.

It is also ideal for a small retail outlet for any type of cottage industry. It’s a natural for antiques, crafts, folk art, and would serve well as an information center.

We think that a building this size, with its interesting timber frame construction and old time feel, easily earns its name, “The Ultimate Workshop”.

The whole set of Shop Prints for the Ultimate Workshop consists of 21 pages. Below we have included a few samples of the two pages of joinery details. You can click on these details and enlarge to see the level of information we provide.

Although these drawings contain much more information than a timber framer would normally require, it is recommended that you have some experience in the actual cutting of timber joinery. There are several good books on the market that explain the most common cutting methods. An excellent choice, in my opinion would be:

A Timber Framer’s Workshop:
Joinery, Design & Construction of Traditional Timber Frames

By Steve Chappell

Check out this Ultimate Workshop built by one of our customers.

Forrest Rand

Features of the Ultimate Workshop drawings

1. Optional chain hoist provision

diagram of chain hoist

Chain hoist system

There are detailed drawings of a chain hoist system that travels on a track under the collar ties. It is based on the system we have in our timber frame shop, made from a standard barn door track, sold at all farm supply stores.

Imagine backing your pickup truck in the big doors with a wood stove, engine, or piano, or some other heavy and totally awkward thing on board and hoisting it up to the second floor. From there it can be slid along and set down anywhere under the ridge, all done by yourself in minutes without a hand from anyone.

2. Nailer plan

The nailer system is a time proven method of enclosure, seen in old barns across north America. Nailers are small members that span between posts horizontally, and as their name suggests, are used to nail vertical sheathing, often board and batten .

3. Option of full 2nd floor or loft

The timber floor framing plan comes in two versions; a full second floor or a loft over one of the two bays.

4. Joinery

Detailed diagram

Detailed joinery diagrams

There are detailed drawings of all the joints in the frame, as well as peg placements.

5. General notes

6. Timber List

Each timber is listed with its dimension and length.

Your Package Contains:

  • Page 1 – Elevations (barn style)
  • Page 2 – Elevations (commercal style)
  • Page 3 – 2nd Floor Framing (full and half loft versions)
  • Page 4 – Bents 1 & 2
  • Page 5 – Bent 3, Roof Plan, Top Plate Plan
  • Page 6 – Label Plan – main floor
  • Page 7 – Label Plan – roof
  • Page 8 – Anchor Options
  • Page 9 – Knee brace details (4 types, and 3 views of each, dimensioned)
  • Page 10 – Nailer plan 1 – nailer placements in frame
  • Page 11 – Nailer plan 2 – more nailer placements in frame
  • Page 12 – Nailer details – nailer connection drawings
  • Page 13 – Chain Hoist Version framing (bents, and 2nd floor framing)
  • Page 14 – Chain Hoist Support – detailed drawings
  • Page 15 – Joinery Details 1-8
  • Page 16 – Joinery Details 9-15
  • Page 17 – Peg Details 1-9
  • Page 18 – Peg Details 1 -15
  • Page 19 – Enclosure Options (insulated)
  • Page 20 – Enclosure Options (un-insulated)
  • Page 21 – Timber List & notes

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Paper plans (11"x17"), Digital files A3 (11"x17"), Digital files D (24"x36")