We are pleased to offer a series of projects with complete shop prints for those who want to build their own timber frame.

Our shop prints include a timber list, elevations, floor and roof framing plans, bent plans, enclosure details, joinery and peg details and more. Like our houseplans, they are ready to print on easy-to-handle 11 x 17″ paper. Just take the files to a printshop, such as Staples.

Can I do it?

Although these drawings contain more information than an experienced timber framer would normally require, it is recommended that you have some experience in the actual cutting of timber joinery.

Shop Print package

If you have taken a timber frame workshop, and have some woodworking skills, you could build a simple frame.

Note, however, that it takes a while to learn to cut even simple joinery, and most post and beam frames have several complex joints.

Click here to view some samples of typical joinery detailed in the shop prints.

There are several good books on the market that explain the most common cutting methods. An excellent choice, in our opinion, would be: A Timber Framer’s Workshop: Joinery, Design & Construction of Traditional Timber Frames by Steve Chappell

Timber Framing Shop Tips & Ancient Building Secrets by Forrest Rand

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Timber Framing Tips and Tricks by veteran timber framer Forrest Rand.
Eight illustrated pages packed with valuable instructions, from getting the right tools to mapping irregular timbers.
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Shop Print Plans Available