The Newcomb – 1370 sq. ft. plus loft


At 1370 sq. ft., the Newcomb is a small but livable starter home or retirement house, with two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a den.

The kitchen and living areas are larger with the same beautiful vaulted timber ceiling, and the dramatic timber framed entry definitely adds curb appeal.

The living area has beautiful vaulted ceilings showing off the timber frame roof structure (see photos below), but the stud walls make the Newcomb a “hybrid” timber frame.



Small homes can be the most challenging to design. Working within strict parameters doesn’t allow you to add an extra 2′ here or there to make it work! The Newcomb is an attractive cottage or small home, affordable, user friendly, easy to heat, and remarkably comfortable.

The Newcomb is a hybrid timber frame design. It has a timber frame roof structure and interior posts, but the external walls are of 2×6″ studs. This building method gives you the benefits of a timber frame home with less expense.

The Newcomb makes a great retirement home – all one one level, a heated floor, and quick to clean. It also makes a nice starter home, vacation cottage or timeshare unit.

The floor plan has been carefully worked out for usability through direct experience, by living in it!


  • It’s bigger on the inside than it looks like from the outside – we hear this comment a lot!
  • There are lots of windows – especially the wrap-around windows in the kitchen/dining area.
  • You’ll see beautiful vaulted ceilings everywhere on the main level except the bathroom and office which are under the loft.
  • The 14th-century-style timber roof is not merely decorative. That’s the roof. Timber posts, beams, and curved knee braces lend an timeless ambience, and also define “rooms” within the open concept.
  • Pull-down stairs in front of the bathroom provide access to a 250 sq. ft. loft/storage area. There’s room there for an extra bed, and plenty of space for visiting kids to “camp out”.

The living-dining-kitchen area is open-concept with a beautiful vaulted ceiling which shows off the beams and provides a sense of spaciousness. The Master Bedroom is off in one wing for privacy, and also has a vaulted ceiling, as does the second bedroom. Over the den and adjacent bathroom is a loft storage area – or a place for visiting grandchildren to sleep, accessible by a space-saving pull-down stair.

Floor plan for Newcomb 3-bedroom

3D rendering

In this cutaway, you can see the timber frame arches in the main living area, framing the door from the side entrance way, and another between kitchen and living areas framing the passage to the second bedroom and the front patio doors. Note the laundry room to the left of the side entrance.

Here’s another cutaway view, from a different angle.

Now, let’s add the heavy timber beams to the picture. The loft floor has also been added, so you can visualize the loft space.

Newcomb rendering showing rafters

This is called a hybrid timber frame, because the external walls are framed with conventional 2×6″ lumber, and the timber frame roof structure rests on those walls, remaining visible from the inside.

Here’s another cutaway view, with the living area in front.

Rendering showing hip rafters

So how does it look inside?

Your Package Contains:

  • Working Prints
    Floor plans, foundation plan, roof plan, sections, elevations, window & door schedules and construction details.
  • Timber Frame Plans
    Roof plan (plan view of roof framing), 2nd floor framing, timber elevations, timber bent drawings (sections) and timber sizings.

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Paper plans (11"x17"), Digital files A3 (11"x17"), Digital files D (24"x36")