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Complete plans for a two-story, 17’ x 13’6” timber frame building to build yourself. Options include full second floor or loft, and inside or outside stair. Use for a tiny house, seaside cottage, a small retail outlet, a cottage industry or an information center.

The Fish Shack is also available as architectural plans.

Choose digital files or paper prints. If you order digital, you will receive your download link within 48 hours.

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We are pleased to offer another versatile design in our series of shop print projects, the Fish Shack.

With 230 sq. ft. on each floor, it would make a great Tiny House with 460 sq. ft. of living space with an upstairs bedroom and a downstairs bath, as illustrated.

Imagine what else you could do with this attractive 17’ x 13’6” building!   At home by the water’s edge, the Fish Shack could function as a seaside cottage. It is ideal for use as a small retail outlet for any type of cottage industry. It’s a natural for antiques, crafts, folk art, and would serve well for an information center.

The complete set of Shop Prints for the Fish Shack consists of 21 pages. We have included samples of joinery and framing detail pages that show the level of information we provide.

Features of the Fish Shack drawings

1.Optional outside stair

The upstairs of the Fish Shack can be accessed from an outside stair. A space-saving ladder provides access on the inside.

2. Nailer plan

The nailer system is a time proven method of enclosure, seen in old barns across north America. Nailers are small members that span between posts horizontally,  and as their name suggests, are used to nail vertical sheathing, often board and batten .

3.  Option of full 2nd floor or loft

The timber floor framing plan comes in two versions; a full second floor with inside or outside stair, or a loft over one of the two bays.

4.Joinery & peg details

There are detailed drawings of all the joints in the frame, as well as peg placements.

5. General notes

6.  Timber List

Each timber is listed with its dimension and length.

Your Package Contains:

  • Page 1 – Exterior view (colour)
  • Page 2 – Elevations with window & door sizes
  • Page 3 – Elevations with window & door sizes
  • Page 4 – Timber floor framing, no stairwell
  • Page 5 – Timber floor framing, with stairwell
  • Page 6 – Timber loft option
  • Page 7 – Rafter plan
  • Page 8 – Bent 1 & 2, showing nailer placements
  • Page 9 – Bent 3, showing nailer placements
  • Page 10 – Frame elevation 1, showing nailer placements
  • Page 11 – Frame elevation 2, showing nailer placements
  • Page 12 – Anchor options
  • Page 13 – Joinery details 1-8
  • Page 14 – Joinery details 9-15
  • Page 15 – Peg details 1-9
  • Page 16 – Peg details 10-15
  • Page 17 – Nailer details
  • Page 18 – Knee brace details (3 types, 3 views of each, dimensioned)
  • Page 19 – Enclosure details – insulated frame
  • Page 20 – Enclosure details – un-insulated frame
  • Page 21 – Timber list & notes

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Paper plans (11"x17"), Digital files A3 (11"x17"), Digital files D (24"x36")