The 22′ Hubbards – 845 sq. ft.


A one-story cottage model. The main timberframe is 22′ x 38′ 8″. The attached 12′ x 10′ frame covers a deck and can be screened in if desired.

This is a larger version of the 16′ Hubbards. Rooms are larger, and there is a loft with skylights over the two bedrooms.

Two bedrooms, one bath. Vaulted ceilings throughout.


Blueprints are provided as digital files which you can print yourself at Staples or another print shop on easy-to-handle 11″ x 17″ (A3) paper.

Download is not instant; you will receive an email with the digital files within 2 business days.

Your Package Contains:

  • Working Prints
    Floor plans, foundation plan, roof plan, sections, elevations, window & door schedules and construction details.
  • Timber Frame Plans
    Roof plan (plan view of roof framing), 2nd floor framing, timber elevations, timber bent drawings (sections) and timber sizings.