The 22′ Hubbards – 845 sq. ft.

A one-story cottage model. The main timberframe is 22′ x 38′ 8″. The attached 12′ x 10′ frame covers a deck and can be screened in if desired.

This is a larger version of the 16′ Hubbards. Rooms are larger, and there is a loft with skylights over the two bedrooms.

Two bedrooms, one bath. Vaulted ceilings throughout.


Your Package Contains:

  • Working Prints
    Floor plans, foundation plan, roof plan, sections, elevations, window & door schedules and construction details.
  • Timber Frame Plans
    Roof plan (plan view of roof framing), 2nd floor framing, timber elevations, timber bent drawings (sections) and timber sizings.