The 64′ Shed Plans – 1223 sq. ft.


The 64-ft Shed model has 1223 sq. ft. of living space on one level. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms at opposite ends offer privacy. Vaulted ceilings add to the feeling of spaciousness.

Add awnings if you want a “train station” look (see pictures below). Two bedrooms at opposite ends offer privacy.

We also have two little brothers to this design, the one-bedroom 25′ Shed, which would harmonize architecturally if you are building a guesthouse or separate studio on the same property, and a mid-sized Shed, 40′ long and 829 sq. ft., with two bedrooms and two baths.

The Sheds are closed in using our suggested method (see “Our Enclosure Method” halfway down this page), and the insulation performance is well above code.

The wall assembly performs at  Effective R23  – the National Building Code requires Effective R17 , or Nominal R24

The roof assembly we recommend has been upgraded to 2 layers of 3.5” QuikTherm MPI. It is awaiting testing, but it replaces our previous 2 layers of 2.5” QuikTherm MPI that exceeded code by 25%.

Check out the 64-ft version we built on the North Mountain of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

Digital plans available only.


Alternative Old-Style Renderings

You can style our Shed designs to look modern or more traditional. The 64′ Shed can even be made to suggest an old train station. Note the awning variations in the renderings below.

Read more about some of the options available to make your Shed your own.

Blueprints are provided as digital files which you can print yourself at Staples or another print shop on easy-to-handle 11″ x 17″ (A3) paper.

Download is not instant; you will receive an email with the digital files within 2 business days.

Your Package Contains:

  • Working Prints
    Floor plans, foundation plan, roof plan, sections, elevations, window & door schedules and construction details.
  • Timber Frame Plans
    Roof plan, timber elevations, timber bent drawings (sections) and timber sizings.