Under 1000 sq. ft.

Small House and Cottage Floor Plans

Fundy floor plan

Fundy floor plan

Are you interested in building a smaller home or a cottage?

Perhaps you have vacationed in a cottage and thought, “This is actually big enough to live in!” Or perhaps you want to build a vacation cottage now that you will retire to later.

Many of our clients are interested in building smaller, cozy and sensible homes, but love the qualities of a timberframe. Post and beam construction lends itself to open-concept interiors, offering a sense of spaciousness and gem-like graciousness to even a small area.

We have observed that there aren’t a lot of timberframe house plans available for smaller houses and cottages. That’s why many of our house plans are for smaller homes.

Small homes can be the most challenging to design. Working within strict parameters doesn’t allow you to add an extra 2′ here or there to make it work! Our house plans result from years of professional experience in designing, building – and living in! – timberframe houses.

Our packages contain sufficient detail to enable any experienced timberframer to give you a proper quote and to build the home you want.

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