Are you building your own timber frame house?

Chiseling a mortisePeople often ask us, "Can I build my own timber frame from the information in your plans?"

Well, that depends:

If you are an experienced timberframer, yes, there's more than enough information in the package for you to go ahead.

If you have taken a timberframe workshop, and have some woodworking skills, you could build a simple frame. Note, however, that it takes a while to learn to cut even simple joinery, and most post and beam frames have several complex joints.

Check out our timber frame Shop Prints if you would like to try your hand at a relatively simple project.

For inspiration, or perhaps a reality check, see this page about the raising of a timber frame built by a do-it-yourself-er in the Yukon. We helped with the design and joinery details, from a distance.