The Lighthouse Series House Plans — Enjoy your view!

Lighthouse I front elevation
The Ingonish - 1643 sq. ft. (above)
The LaHave - 1800 sq. ft. (above right)
The Arichat - 2050 sq. ft. (right)
Lighthouse side elevation

Designed to take full advantage of a seaside view, our 2-bedroom/2-bath or 3-bedroom/3-bath Lighthouse Series designs have a distinctive yet traditional look on the outside, and modern open-concept living on the inside.

The Lighthouse Series house plans suit any site with a grand view - and not necessarily by the ocean. Such a home or vacation home could overlook a river, a mountain valley or a cityscape!

We invite you to take a look at the 2-bedroom Ingonish, the 3-bedroom LaHave or the 3-bedroom Arichat.